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Dear AnnaMarie: I have been very remiss in not properly thanking you for returning me to health.  Were it not for your care, understanding and patience, I might well have been dead, if not literally, then certainly emotionally, because I don’t think I could have gone on feeling so sick for much longer.

I have learned a lot from you and by reading articles you have sent to me, and things I have taken from the internet…I have also become one of your most ardent ambassadors.

Anyways, this is not supposed to turn into something resembling one of St. Paul’s Epistles, but is rather, just to say a very, very sincere and heartfelt “thank you”.  I am deeply indebted to you for your care and concern, and my return (almost) to total health.  And I think you’re a great person!  Sincerely Joan

I came to visit AnnaMarie following a health fair that she was a participant in. After my complete Iridology assessment, AnnaMarie designed a program tailored to my needs. In less than 1 month I had more energy and am finally feeling healthy. She also explained some dietary changes to help me eat healthier. I am feeling great! Gladys

After 25 years of drinking, my body was struggling in a way I could no longer ignore, and I knew I needed to quit. I tapered it off and then completely stopped, but the cravings were more than I could bear. In no time, I was back to my regular drinking habits. Between the pain in my liver and dark brown urine, I knew I had to stop, no matter what. I stopped "for good," but again, the alcohol cravings hit hard. After about 2 weeks of battling with the cravings and growling at everyone around me when they hit, I sought help from Anna Marie

Anna Marie explained to me the reasons behind the cravings, made some suggestions, and muscle-tested specific products to see what was the  best fit for my body. I left her office with a couple of items and hope for overcoming my alcohol challenges. After just a couple of days, I could tell a huge difference in my alcohol cravings, and in less than a week, my cravings were gone. It was a great relief to learn that when I used to give in to the cravings, it was a physiological issue and not because I was too weak to not give in.

Through the help I got from Anna Marie, I have managed to stay alcohol-free, I don't have cravings anymore, and I have become more  aware of my body and how it communicates what it needs. I now know that when I get on edge, it's my body asking for food, where in the past I would have had a drink. Though my food choices haven't really changed, I have lost a significant amount of weight. My life has improved in several other ways and in areas that I hadn't even realized were being negatively affected by my alcohol consumption. I am excited to see that it is indeed possible for me to live without alcohol.

For several years I was struggling with various skin issues, mouth sores, joint pain, fatigue and brain fog.  I had been to at least 4 doctors regarding these issues. Only to be given topical creams and pain killers along with the advice that I’m getting older or under stress.  Only to be given more unnecessary medication. Recently my skin issues started to dramatically interfere with my personal life.  I mentioned these symptoms to AnnaMarie, she listened carefully as I explained my embarrassing symptoms.
Then calmly declared she knew what the cause of all my maladies were.  She said if you don’t believe me research it on the net.  I did my research and came away shocked and amazed at how exact my supposedly unrelated symptoms related to my situation.  I made an appointment for a consultation.  After muscle testing, a questionnaire and Iridology assessment, I was put on a Candida diet along with Natures Sunshine supplements to support my immune system and digestive system. 

Within days my digestion settled down, my skin began to clear and my mouth was pain free.  As an added bonus my thoughts became clearer, I was calm and slept better.  To my surprise my joint pain began to subside to the point that I was taking half the amount of my anti inflammatory meds.  Now just a few months later I take meds a few times a week maximum.  This compared to twice a day and additional muscle relaxants at times. 

Today my symptoms are all but gone and I’m enjoying life to the “fullest”.  If you know what I mean…wink, wink.  During this entire process I was guided and supported with clear and concise direction, and emotional support.  In short AnnaMarie and the implementation of her knowledge coupled with the use of Natures Sunshine supplements I am in good health.  She gave me the tools I needed to take charge of my health.  Something the medical profession failed to do for years.  With thanks Ruth

 I first met with Anna-Marie at a Wellness Fair at my workplace.  I had a 15 minute Iridology assessment and could not believe that Anna-Marie could tell every problem and ailment I have ever had over my lifetime.  She explained that she could help me with vitamins and minerals that my body was lacking.

I have been taking different vitamins and minerals now for 4 months.  My energy has improved greatly and I am sleeping much better at night.  I am a single mother of 2 teenagers and felt tired all the time.  After working all day, it was all I could do to get dinner ready and clean up.  I was not able to do anything else other than sit on the couch.  Within a couple of weeks of seeing Anna-Marie, I had more energy.  I am now able to do more after dinner from going on walks with my children and dog or shopping.  I no longer lay on the couch all evening.

I have not had any digestive issues which I was plagued by before.  I have also had lower back and sciatica problems over the last few years. My back has been better than ever.  I have been able to do gardening all summer long which I have not been able to do over the last few years without throwing my back out.

I have recently done a cleanse and a couple of ionic foot baths which have helped my sinus issues.  Whenever there is a rain or snow storm, I get sinus headaches from the change in pressure.  No medication has helped the pain.  I started getting a headache one afternoon.  I had an ionic foot bath scheduled for later that day.  After the foot bath, the headache went away.  There was a rain storm for the next 2 days but my headache did not come back.

As well as the vitamins and minerals, I have been adding chlorophyll to my water which has helped me drink more water.  It has also helped my oral health.  I even put it in my dog’s water bowl and her breath is a lot better.

I always thought that the problems I have had over the years was just a part of aging.  Anna-Marie assured me that it was not a part of aging and that I did not have to feel that way.  She was right! I am so grateful to Anna-Marie for all the help she has given me and look forward to more positive changes in my health. Lula Fabiano

Getting Rave Reviews: Testimonials About Nature Sunshine Product(s):

AnnaMarie introduced me to AL-J Extract about 4 years ago when I complained about bouts of choking on phlegm at night. With a small squirt right out of the bottle into the back of my mouth it seems to cut through the phlegm within minutes and back to sleep I go.I now have a bottle of AL-J on my night table and one in my bathroom and use it whenever necessary which seems to be less and less. While she has a couple of NSPs that will work for this and more allergy symptoms this has been the one that has helped me the most for my needs. Carolyn Shannon
I was browsing the sale flyer one week and saw that FCS-II Used for relief of menstrual pain or cramps I thought, hey I can't seem to find any over the counter drug which works so why not try it?
When the time came I used as recommended and couldn't believe it! My usual discomfort disappeared and I was pleasantly surprised to find my entire digestive system was functioning normally, as opposed to when I take other drugs and they just mask the pain!
I was telling my story to a friend and the next time she needed some relief she tried FCS-II and it worked for her as well! I highly recommend it to any woman who wants to feel "normal" during a somewhat stressful time of the month!Rachel F.

Now I sleep through the night after years of waking up in the middle of the night and not getting back to sleep,Thank you for introducing me to NSP's HVPAnnaMarie Marion
Ionic Foot Bath Testimonial
My mind is constantly thinking at home and at my profession.  I have found the foot detox baths to help with mental clarity and focus.  I come once a month for a bath to detox my body and relax my mind.  The foot detox baths have also helped to control my yeast overgrowth issues in the past.  BV
As a periodic prevention to Yeast build up this was the answer for me! After a series of 4 Foot Baths and 4-6 times of inserting Silver Guard Gel my yeast problem was gone and hasn't returned. If my body's immune system ever allows it to come back I will definitely do this regimen again. Carolyn S

Kava Kava
I came to see AnnaMarie complaining of anxiety with resulting high blood pressure. AnnaMarie recommended KavaKava. In less than one week my anxiety was controlled and blood pressure near normal.  DK
Perfect Eyes
Since taking my “Perfect Eyes”, my eye specialist has inquired what I was doing because my vision was now in the high percentile for people in my age group.  I told her that am taking eye vitamins since my detached retina and I was glad to hear the ” Perfect eyes“ was making such a measurable difference.  Rick E.
SilverGuard Gel
I recently had a work related injury.  I am a cook and hot broth splashed into my eye and burned my cornea.  A very painful experience.  The Doctor prescribed a cream for my eyes and brought some relief but only temporarily.  I was discussing this matter with Anna Marie and she recommended this product.  What an immediate difference as far as my pain concerns and a very welcomed difference by the following morning…redness and sensitivity were both gone and within 48 hours back to normal.  WOW!  Thank you NSP's SilverGuard Gel…..Carol M

Before, after and during my tooth surgery I used Silver Shield Gel to keep this area bacteria free. I am very prone to abcesses because my skin heals too quickly over cuts, extractions, any surgically affected areas. While it looks like things are going well, suddenly it would become evident that the fever would develop was due to an abcess. This time I actually put Silver Shield Gel right into the hole left behind once the tooth was removed and kept gently spreading this bacteria killer inside my whole mouth during the first couple of days when I couldn't gargle or brush yet. I have never had a tooth heal so easily. Thank you AnnaMarie for introducing me into this wonderful product that I use often if not daily too many reasons to name here. Carolyn S
My dog was attacked by another dog injuring his eye quite badly, I immediately rinsed it with Silver Guard and then reapplied for a few more days. Without the traditional antibiotic he has had no sign of infection and his injury has completely healed. His ego...well that may take a little longer. Carol

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the performance of Nature's Silver Guard.  After several months of waiting I was finally advised from the results of a sample test that I had a fungal infection in the nail of my big toe.  I was told my medical authorities that I would need to use a brush on liquid nail 'polish' every day for up to a year and perhaps accompany this with an oral medication that would require monthly testing of my liver for negative side effects!  All of this costing a lot of money too! 
 I used this instead.  I roughed up the nail surface as advised in the SilverGuard instructions and soaked a cotton pad with Silver and applied it to my nail, holding it in place with a rubber band.  I left it on for an hour or so or until the rubber band became uncomfortable.  I did this maybe 2 or 3 times a week beginning in June of this year. I did not take the Silver internally at this time.   By the end of September I can report that the new nail slowly growing in looks completely clear and free of the fungus.   Only 4 months instead of a year .... or more.   And a fraction of the pharmaceutical cost and no damage to my liver.  Thank you SilverGuard!  Sincerely,  J E 

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