Iridology Assessment: (2 Appointments for Photos & Results)
Your Eyes are The Window to Genetic
 & Preventative Care of Your Health

For a Full IRIDOLOGY Assessment, an eye photo is taken and displayed on the computer screen. An analysis is then prepared within a few days. An appointment scheduled to discuss the individual's health concerns.

 The picture can then be used to see the changes in the iris as the body systems are being cleared of toxins and/or congestion.
Cardio Assessment
The biological age of your arteries is considered to be directly proportional to their elasticity.  The walls of your arteries are muscular.  When the heart send blood into your arteries they expand and then elastically contract to squeeze the blood back to the heart.  This results in a wave form which can be measured.

Smart Pulse is  non invasive.  A device placed over the end of your finger counts the red blood cells entering and leaving the small arteries beneath your finger nail. 

The wave form recorded is an accurate indicator of the overall stiffness or hardening of your arteries.
Smart Pulse Wave Analysis is an information tool only. A complete diagnosis must be given by a qualified health professional.
YOUR  Diet &/Or Lifestyle May Be Hurting YOU!
Nutritional Assessment: Zyto Compass Testing
The core of ZYTO technology is biocommunication scanning.

By measuring your body for galvanic skin response, a ZYTO scan can determine which nutritional supplements, foods, oils, or services your body is most biologically coherent with. 

The more primitive form of this technology is referred to as electrodermal screening (EDS), but biocommunication scanning has advanced EDS by providing more accurate measurements, an expansive list of items to scan for, and advanced scanning options, among other things.

These individualized results will help you make decisions that can positively impact your physical health.
Energy, Muscle Testing & Other Assessments


While Essential Oils are starting to be used in EVERYTHING, NOT Everyone Needs OR can Use them every moment of every day. Especially ones that are paired with chemicals such as those found in detergents and fabric softeners. They were originally used ONLY in small amounts and often diluted in baths. A couple of drops can go a long way and doesn't have to linger for the next person (even your pets) who may not need or want your choice. For each individual...the amount isn't as important as the quality and Organic is the VERY BEST! Please don't get caught up in what seems to be a fad that due to the overuse is beginning to have some adverse effects.

There is so much misinformation out there right now, it really concerns meJoie Power, PhD Example of Adverse Effects 

Another Informative article Women's Day Article on Dangers of Essential Oils Sold by Many Multi-Level Marketing Companies

NO... YOU don't have to throw them ALL out! (Except the ones mixed with chemicals).  The proper use of essential oils have many benefits. We want to Find out if YOU are using what you have  possibly more or less than your body wants or needs the tried and true way.

AnnaMarie can Body Test You with the ones you have already purchased elsewhere and discuss the best way to use them for just $20 or for FREE when YOU book any of the other assessments she offers. (See Assessments Offered above) She wants you to be safe

Must be sent away to lab for results.


A single hair can give a lot of information about you. The hair on your head grows 2-6 years before falling out. Many tiny blood vessels feed the base of each strand. During that time, your hair shaft absorbs chemicals from any drugs you take. It also contains sweat, your body’s natural oils, and any toxins around you.

A hair analysis uses special techniques to look closely at your hair under a microscope. The results can show details about your health and habits. Different labs do the tests differently, and their results can vary a lot. Experts say hair analysis is most helpful when paired with tests that use something other than hair. More Info