3 Health Assessment Packages

that will take the guesswork out of your nutritional program needs...

Package ONE (Value  $150.00)

Iridology Assessment, Compass Nutritional Assessment, Cardio Vascular Testing, Complementary Muscle Testing 
Package Investment Cost:  $125.00

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 Package TWO (Value  $110.00)

 Compass Nutritional Assessment, Cardio Vascular Testing, Ion Cleanse Foot Bath, Complementary Muscle Testing 
Package Investment Cost:  $90.00
Package THREE (Value  $140.00)
 4 Ion Cleanse Foot Baths, Complimentary Mineral Replacement Tonic
Package Investment Cost:  $120.00

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Individual Service Investment Sheet

 Health Assessments

 Iridology Assessment

2 Sessions Photos / Assessment

Cardio Vascular Assessment 

First Assessment


 Nutritional / Compass Assessment

First Assessment


Hair Mineral Analysis 

Sent Out to US Lab

Muscle/Kinesiology Testing

         Can Bring Supplements/Medications Using








Health Options

Nutritional Counselling 

& Blood Type Diets

Energy Field / Meridian Clearing

Personalized Whole Body Tapping

Ion Cleanse Foot Bath

One Session

           Group of 4 Sessions

Botanical Bio Frequencies

As per Personalized Testing

Ear Candling

2 Candles Per Ear

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$  30.00

$  30.00

$ 35.00


$  12-70.00

$ 30.00

Package Two RE-Assessment / Re-Tests


 Your ONLY True Asset is YOUR Health

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